Workpackages - FP7 CANDO
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CanDo is a multidisciplinary project requiring inputs from molecular biology to system integration technology for the successful achievement of its challenging objectives. In order to efficiently generate new knowledge, new technology and common resources during the 3 years of the project the structure of the work plan is divided into 6 workpackages (WPs), each targeting different objectives, tasks and expected results.

All activities in CanDo are overseen by the Management Committees of WP1, therefore WP1 forms the background to the figure encompassing technical WPs (2-5) and dissemination (WP6). WP2 includes the formation and operation of the Technical Assessment Group (TAG) who ensures that all technical work in WPs 2-5 is compliant with the Master Specification Plan (MSP) whose parameters and values or range of values are defined by the needs of the whole innovation chain. The active supervisory role of the TAG therefore ensures that WP2 encompasses WPs 3-5. During the project there are a series of development cycles’of components, sub-systems and whole systems within WPs 3-5, with instruments being developed in WP5 used for testing the result of various stages of cartridge development in WPs 3 and 4, this is indicated by the rotary arrows and double headed arrows in the figure.

At the end of the technical development and validation activities two instruments with cartridges will be readied for pre-clinical validation, hence the final single direction arrow at the bottom of the figure. All technical developments within the project will be looked to be disseminated, commercially or otherwise by the Exploitation Management Committee (XMC) within WP6, with that workpackage therefore located to the right handside of the technical WPs with an arrow indicating the flow of information from the latter to the former.