Conferences 2014 - FP7 CANDO
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Conferences 2014

13 Jan Conferences 2014

Photonics West 2014. Oral presentation: Bowtie plasmonic nanoantenna arrays for polarimetric optical biosensing (2014) – UVEG.

Europtrode XII. Poster presentation: Modelling of polarimetric LSPR sensing with bowtie nanoantenna arrays. (2014) –  UVEG

Hanson Wad., Oral presentation(2014) – BPH and GILUPI

Lab on Chip European Congres. Invited talk (2014) – UVEG

Gordon Conference. Poster presentation: Rare cells in circulation, Poster presentation:  Separation of CTCs from peripheral blood using dean flow microfluidics, (2014) – KTH.

SPEC 2014. Poster presentation: Identification of Circulating Tumor Cells by Spontaneous Raman Spectroscopy and Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Spectroscopy, IPHT

ACTC 2014. Poster presentation:  Unveiling the possibilities of downstream analysis in circulating tumor cells – a methodical comparison – BPH.

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